A Fence, some sheep, and a little guy with a big problem

Trouble falling asleep?  Try counting sheep.  But not these sheep, they’re way too interesting!


When our “little guy” hero has trouble sleeping, he starts to count sheep.  But instead of boring him to sleep, these sheep find interesting and unique ways to cross the fence, each in her own way.


This book is truly a phenomenon in Israel, and its a book that defies categorization.  Written and illustrated by a 17 year old girl and published in Israel almost 20 years ago, it has sold, and continues to sell, thousands of copies. 


This book is taught in hundreds of classes in Israel every year.  It teaches us all about the different ways that we can look at the world.  Israel’s leading children’s hospital ‘Schneider Children’s Medical Centre of Israel’ used the book to help their patients express their experiences.  It is also used in ‘the School of emotional intelligence’ and is taught in numerous courses on inter-family communication, conflict resolution, teachers seminars and assertiveness courses.


A Fence, some sheep, and a little guy with a big problem is now being offered internationally for the first time.