Bruno the Child Who Learned to Fly

Bruno the Child Who Learned to Fly is an extraordinary book published in 2012
by Italian publisher Orecchio Acerbo. The book is inspired by the life of Bruno
Schulz, a celebrated Polish author and artist who was killed by a Nazi officer
during World War II. Schultz’s writings and artwork reflect unique talent and
boundless imagination.


Bruno the Child Who Learned to Fly was launched to outstanding critical praise, and was featured in numerous publications, including Italian Vogue and La Reppublica. The book appeared on the top 10 Italian best-seller list in January 2012. Ofra Amit’s breathtaking illustrations were displayed at the Tricomia art gallery in Rome.

All territories except Italy and Spain. Chesla Literature is the sole representative in Israel, China and Korea, in other territories the book is co-agented by Anna Spadolini.