Poor Seymour

What does dog Seymour do all day when his family is at school at work?
One little girl wonders and worries, but Orit Bergman’s wonderfully rich and
amusing illustrations show that Seymour is having a ball, unbeknownst to his family.
The juxtaposition of the girl’s narration of her thoughts on Seymour and the rich
illustrations showing what the dog is actually doing make for a truly unique and
entertaining book. This much-loved book was turned into a successful stage play
for children.

From the press

"... “There are few good illustrators who can also write, and few writers who can illustrate. When these two talents come together in one person, as in the case of Orit Bergman, an exceptional harmony comes into being…” "
Hadas Leibowitz, Saloona

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