Symphony of a City

It is the 100th anniversary of the city of Metropolina, and the mayor has decided to stage a festive concert to mark the occasion, and to invite the famous composer Liberty del Pasta Liana to compose a piece of music especially for the event.

But Liberta’s special style of work and composition, are not quite what the Mayor had in mind….

This unique book is also an urban musical adventure, and includes a disc of music with Liberta’s composition – and ode to the city, complete with roaring garbage trucks, howling cats, chirping birds and ringing mobile phone. This new perspective on the urban sounds that surround us will make kids look – and listen – differently at music, and their surroundings.

“..The disc proved to us that we can expose children to another kind of music…with smart texts…a gorgeous project dedicated to urban kids who perhaps haven’t heard a cow moo, but know just how a taxi sounds.” – Book review, “Marmelada” 

Click here to listen to Liberta’s masterpiece.