Lia’s mom is an illustrator. One autumn afternoon, Lia asks her mom to paint her
portrait, but with wings. After numerous attempts at different kinds of wings (all
beautifully illustrated), Lia’s mom and Lia herself understand that she doesn’t yet
know what her wings are like. That night Lia experiences a very special dream, and
when she wakes, discovers it has given her the key to her wings.
The book has been described as a metaphor for the creative process itself. It is also
the story of a daughter and mother, of self-discovery, and of empowering kids to
connect with their innermost dreams and desires, and find their own voice.


Wings is an IBBY Honor List book,
selected for its outstanding
illustrations amongst children’s
books published in Israel.

All territories except Israel, China, Brazil, South Korea and Greece
Translation Rights
Rights sold: • Brazil – Editora Peirópolis • Greece – Malliaris • China - Maitian Press • Korea – Hansol Education