Ages 5-11

Symphony of a City

It is the 100th anniversary of the city of Metropolina, and the mayor has decided to stage a festive concert to mark the occasion, and to invite the famous composer Liberty del Pasta Liana to compose a piece of music especially for the event. But Liberta’s special style of work and composition, are not quite what the Mayor had in... Read more ►


Lia’s mom is an illustrator. One autumn afternoon, Lia asks her mom to paint her portrait, but with wings. After numerous attempts at different kinds of wings (all beautifully illustrated), Lia’s mom and Lia herself understand that she doesn’t yet know what her wings are like. That night Lia experiences a very special dream, and when she wakes, discovers... Read more ►

Suddenly in the Middle of the Night

Suddenly in the middle of the night…. Our hero felt he really needed to go to the bathroom. The book follows his desperate attempts to get there (in his dream) as he meets obstacles such as a rude frog, friends from his kindergarten and argumentative animals of all sorts. A funny, true to life story which relates to a... Read more ►

Lola’s Song

Lola is a hyena who is shunned by the other animals in the forest. But then, an unexpected friend and a radio song contest change her life. Read more ►

A Fantastical Day with Frooster and Friends

A day in the life of a little boy who has a wonderful assortment of imaginary friends, who turn every day into an unforgettable adventure: Turtlebunny gives him a ride to school, Quackodiles hog the slides, Elephly saves the day, and many more. The humorous and breathtaking illustrations help tell the story of a boy dealing with daily situations,... Read more ►

Ai! Ouch! ow!

Ai! Ouch! Ow! is one of Israel’s most popular books for children, having sold over 50,000 copies. It tells the story of little girl Amalia and her imaginary family of friends Ai, Ouch and Ow. When Amalia gets a little scrape, she knows she only has to yell and little girl Ai will come spread some magic powder on... Read more ►