Ages 8-14

A Fence, some sheep, and a little guy with a big problem

Trouble falling asleep?  Try counting sheep.  But not these sheep, they're way too interesting! Synopsis:When our "little guy" hero has trouble sleeping, he starts to count sheep.  But instead of boring him to sleep, these sheep find interesting and unique ways to cross the fence, each in her own way.   This book is truly a phenomenon in Israel, and its a... Read more ►

The Dream 10

The Dream 10 is Israel’s best selling series for this age group, with over 30,000 copies of the books sold, over 5000 members of the official fan club, and a TV series planned. The Dream10 tells the story of a group of 10 boys who form their own basketball team, after having not gotten accepted to the national youth league. With a committed coach,... Read more ►

Bruno the Child Who Learned to Fly

Bruno the Child Who Learned to Fly is an extraordinary book published in 2012 by Italian publisher Orecchio Acerbo. The book is inspired by the life of Bruno Schulz, a celebrated Polish author and artist who was killed by a Nazi officer during World War II. Schultz’s writings and artwork reflect unique talent and boundless imagination.   Bruno the Child Who... Read more ►