‘Hello Hello Dad?’ Makes its way around the world

Sunday, December 22, 2013

“Hello Hello Dad?” was the first book I actively took on as an agent.  Its one of Israel’s classic books, one of maybe a dozen titles that are found in every household.  People my age (40’s) had it read to them when we were toddlers.  Alo papa new

It took me a good few years but I finally did find a publisher for this book, which is really brilliant in its simplicity and warmth.  Germany’s Baumhaus bought world rights and they created new illustrations for the book, and for the follow-up title “Hello Hello Mom?”  The book was published in Germany, and over the past few weeks I received the Danish (published by Lamberth) and Brazilian (FTD) versions.  I believe more countries will pick it up and that many thousands of kids will enjoy it around the world, as generations of Israeli kids have.

Last week I brought the Danish and Brazilian copies to Alice (in Israel Chana) Horn, the author.  Alice, a native of the U.S. who emigrated to Israel at the age of 12 when it was under British mandate rule, is today 91, and as lovely and sweet as ever.  She lives in a little house with her husband Shimon, who is 94. Even though my work bringing Israeli books to international audiences hasn’t been financially rewarding, the reward of placing these books in Alice’s hands is great.

The book is truly deserving.  If you’ve never had a chance to read it, click here on Hello Hello Dad, translated into English. The illustrations are the original, they are very dear to Alice as they were done by her sister who has since passed away.  Though they show their age, personally I love them.  Enjoy!