Wings flies all over the world

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

One of the first books I ever started working with was Wings (I think it was my third book ever).  I remember just starting out my activity, wandering through a bookstore, and I picked it up off the shelf.  Ofra Amit’s unique style intriguided me at once, and when I read Maya Hanoch’s beautiful story about Lia and her journey, I was hooked.wings covers

Today Wings is my best-selling title – and has been published in China, Brazil, South Korea, and Greece.  I’m touched when I think that little girls and their moms in far-off corners of the world are reading it together (just like I did with my daughter) I feel a bit of pride for my role in this. 

I think Wings should reach even further then it already has – to France, Spain, Japan, and yes even the U.S. and U.K. (though I keep hearing that its too “sophisticated” or something along those lines, I’m hoping to find the publisher that will be inspired enough to take it on). 

I’ll be happy to send a PDF English reading version of Wings to you – so be in touch with me.